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You know, like others who crossed the Clintons have.
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If they popped out Perk, they didn't procreate. What they did was anticreate.
Bestmate is a yank. Fact.
Silvrwolf likes "using his hands" when working with animals
"Anticreate" - damn... just apply some cold water to the burned areas, Perky.
Poor Perk. Silvr dumped him and now he's lashing out like a scorned girl.
Meth addicts bro and sis
Blackbear is the most popular, important, and influential user on this site
Blackbear hates women. Not as much as they despise him, but it's close.
Blackbear is an incel and a cuck. A rare combination!
Blackbear is a limey who wishes he were American.
Blackbear's eyes are closer together than Hidden's
Silvr milks his stepson twice a day
You can't keep bombing and killing innocents and then demanding the benefit of doubt. No.
At least once in your life, travel far enough away from home that the night sky looks different.
You make me wish your momma swallowed.
Enough belly achin'! Suck it up, doodlefuck.
Remember Trump University? Nice scam Donnie.
Remember Benghazi? Nice leaving Americans hanging out there to die, Hillary.
Of the two, Trump is more trustworthy and less psychopathic. A better choice for POTUS all around.
Remember when the DNC screwed Clinton out of the nomination for POTUS for Obama...
...and she was all angry? And remember when, 8 years later, she did the same to Bernie?
Good times in the DNC, that fun bunch of backstabbing lying assholes.
Remember when the left was making fun of the right for having 16 POTUS candidates?
You lefties are a joke, even moreso than the right. Inorite - I didn't think it was possible either.
That was either the easiest toll ever or...
...youre trolling yourself to launch into another patheti-rant, which is weird.
*troll and *you're... stupid Skynet.
But at least now we have an idea where Perkie gets all his extra apostrophes. Steals them from you.
...and what's the deal with airline food, anyway?
How 'bout them Dawgs?
Cats, amirite?
*taps mic* Is this thing on?
And the bartender says, "We don't serve time travelers here!"
A time traveler walks into a bar.
Mongo only pawn in game of life.
Why are you still lying about Clinton?
Do you hate women that much?
Your own report cleared her
Benghazi - 10 investigations, 0 charges, 0 evidence of conspiracy or cover-up.
But keep shouting 'uranium' and other lies. It just makes you look all the more impotent.
No, Obama's AG Eric Holder said she "didn't have intent to break the law" and he wouldn't prosecute.
He did not say that she was 'not guilty' or that she hadn't actually broken the law.
That way, he gets to go on to a post-gov't career instead of shooting himself twice in the head.
You know, like others who crossed the Clintons have.
Again, compared to the Clintons, Trump is a choirboy.
Poor old Blackbear still repeating old disproven lies.
Still, I bet you've been taking lots of Alex Jones 'supplements' right? Mmmm
It's funny how anything you don't want to believe is a lie, despite all the evidence otherwise.
That's not funny. It defines his trolling.
Then again, Trollboi has admitted as much before..
Quod ostende mihi Blackbear.

Gee, if some snot-nosed little kid sent me to prison, the first thing
out, I'd find out where he lives, and tear him a new belly button.

-- Homer Simpson
Cape Feare