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riddle - not mine but funny

Submitted by Kracka at 2005-08-12 10:00:17 EDT
Rating: 1.56 on 26 ratings (26 reviews) (Review this item) (V)


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Submitted by foodman at 2005-08-12 17:39:01 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

I don't get it. Why is there a MASSIVE THROBBING COCK in the mirror?


Submitted by munkeypants at 2005-08-12 17:14:04 EDT (#)
Rating: 2


Submitted by Professional_Peon at 2005-08-12 16:43:44 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

My eyes have peener radar. It was the first thing I saw.

It times like these I wish I was straight.

Submitted by Deidra at 2005-08-12 15:43:42 EDT (#)
Rating: 1


Submitted by ih8u2man at 2005-08-12 14:20:17 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

F'n A.

Submitted by SkinnyKenny at 2005-08-12 14:09:16 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

That's awesome.

Submitted by DonovanMD at 2005-08-12 14:05:28 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Ok now this was funny!

Submitted by JonnyX at 2005-08-12 13:59:17 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

I thought the mirror was a picture of some 17th Century crap..

Submitted by joedaddy at 2005-08-12 13:20:55 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

ha ha i coulda been a detective.....

uh wait a minute.......

Submitted by joedaddy at 2005-08-12 13:17:02 EDT (#)
Rating: 1

i was looking at the alcohol on the table and.......whoa dude!

there's a pee-pee in the mirror!

Submitted by Fucking foul at 2005-08-12 12:23:51 EDT (#)
Rating: 2


Submitted by Captain_Cool at 2005-08-12 12:09:06 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Submitted by BLITZKREIG_BOB at 2005-08-12 11:33:35 EDT (#)
Rating: 2


And I was guessing by the cartload of booze under the mirror.

Submitted by Spam at 2005-08-12 11:03:38 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

older than the pot of ejaculate that I keep under my bed.

Submitted by Sassmasterr at 2005-08-12 10:42:57 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

har har peener

Submitted by zakalwe at 2005-08-12 10:36:32 EDT (#)
Rating: 0

what is this called again?

Submitted by CLAIRE1 at 2005-08-12 10:24:58 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

He must have been dipping into his stash of alchohol and not realized

Submitted by Darth_Adwain at 2005-08-12 10:14:43 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Submitted by RyuFu at 2005-08-12 10:07:20 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Ohhh, dear....

Submitted by Fleadh at 2005-08-12 10:06:20 EDT (#)
Rating: 0

That guy looks like he was 'shopped in from this famous e-bay auction:


Submitted by Vulva at 2005-08-12 10:06:02 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

If it were a naked woman, everybody would have gotten this one right away!

I am not that good at searching out the pecker, you know.

Submitted by pen_name at 2005-08-12 10:04:57 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

i forget...there is actually a term for this, where people sell shit on ebay with there nuts reflected somewhere on the item.

Submitted by Unabonger at 2005-08-12 10:04:50 EDT (#)
Rating: 1

shit! i gotta take my dining room table ad off ebay now. thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Submitted by pen_name at 2005-08-12 10:03:28 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

i think the dick in the mirror gives it away

Submitted by PokeyPecker at 2005-08-12 10:03:18 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Kracka Rides Again!

Good luck in Vegas, Doooode.

Submitted by swamp_donkey at 2005-08-12 10:03:09 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

ahhhh ha ha ha peener

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