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The sound of a record when it ends

Submitted by Murphy1844 at 2019-03-23 16:48:42 EDT
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It goes something like this: “Blip <fuz>, blip <fuz>, blip, <fuz>. It’s the fuz I’m interested in. The blip is pretty obvious.

The fuz is like the unsaid ending track on a record. It’s also like the unsaid never-ending track of human beings relentlessly buzzing in the background. It’s this constant noise that no matter what we humans can’t get rid of. The only literal way to get rid of this is a belief in a higher power or heroin. Heroin from a non-superstitious-point-of-view completely and fully silences the fuz and even the blips. Belief in a HP is complete nonsense.

I think the desire to void the blips and beeps of being a human is enticing. A smoke or shot of dope pretty much ends the record. So does daydreaming about God but that’s balls.

My controversial stance on this is why is that such a bad thing? Some people can learn to live with a constant hum in the background and some people can’t. The people who can’t live with the <fuz> chance it and stick the solution in to their bodies. This is called The Old Familiar Sting. Yes, it’s devastating to people around them, but any reasonable person already weighed the odds and the odds pointed to black tar or white powder. Both organically grown.

This isn’t a crisis. This is evolution. My hope is that, in the long run, people who are fundamentally unhappy thin out and leave room for people that are happier. The only condition here is to not make babies to distract yourself, and thus continue the cycle.

Get in the way, Nature!


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Submitted by Murphy1844 at 2019-04-20 17:40:22 EDT (#)

It's a pretty familiar sound, Tormentos, but it's rarely used or really payed attention to. I remember seeing this one a Lynch movie or in Twin Peeks somewhere... I'm too afraid at the moment of looking back at that. Lynch is kind of a buzz kill.

Anyway, it's used plenty of times in different movies or songs.

Submitted by Tormentos at 2019-03-25 11:01:37 EDT (#)

"God Shuffled His Feet" by the band Crash Test Dummies starts with that sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUJjwZ4K6W4 In the song, people made by God pose questions to God that He cannot answer. So there's that, anyway.

Submitted by DaBeast at 2019-03-24 14:41:36 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

I feel the only appropriate response to this is, "Hi. I'm stoned, too."



Submitted by Bestmate2 at 2019-03-23 17:46:21 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Well, I thought, I considered and in I plunged. Into the miasma I slurped happily, slumped forth to the opiated state. Sucked on the teat of content oblivion. The needle and the nostril are not for me. I am lucky, that two or three Buds make me yours, hers, or his. Fuck it, the oriface is of sans conséquence.

Submitted by Fucking foul at 2019-03-23 17:18:24 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Believing that everyone will someday be happy is sort of like believing in God. Far-fetched, but it probably won't kill you.

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