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A Guitar Pedal Pitch

Submitted by asmasta808 at 2019-02-19 11:52:52 EST
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MC complete self insert is soldering a guitar pedal together (can't play though) when he encounters an unexpectedly sturdy D2PAK that he keeps putting more and more pressure onto when the soldering iron slips and jams into his other hand, burning the fingertips. Shocked by this occurrence, MC falls back with his chair, and lands on the edge of his bed, landing on the shitty 2nd-hand electric guitar he was using to test the guitar pedal in the process, snapping its neck.
Fed up, he puts bandages on his fingertips and zips the guitar in its case and takes the elevator down to throw it in the communal bins, but on his way to the bins he hears someone jamming hard on an electric guitar in the music room, in the opposite direction. He decides to check it out and peers through the window, spying some dude with 2 overlapping belts on his trousers and some whacky high-tech headphones (that are plugged in between the guitar and the amp) jamming as hard as he can. Sitting at a small desk with a laptop open opposite the guitarist is a plainly dressed girl, with software that's monitoring something (data from the headphones), and as the riff reaches its crescendo one of the VU meters on the screen hits its peak, shortly followed by the headphones releasing smoke and ceasing the sound coming from the amp.
"Well, as per our bet, I'll provide you with an early version of the next prototype" the girl says, before packing up the laptop and leaving. The guitarist takes a long drink of water, drops the headphones to his shoulders ,and begins to tend to his fingertips, which were raw from the intense fingering. The guitarist opens the door and confronts MC, about to confront him about the eavesdropping, when he stops upon seeing the bandaged fingers and guitar case. He instead hands him the headphones on a whim.
Later MC takes them apart to try and fix them, spying two main MOSFETs and a resistor that blew short due to overheating.

But by backtracing the circuit, he finds a series of traces from the MCU that don't seem to be being used thanks to the emission of half a dozen 0Ω links. He solders some pieces of copper in place of these resistors, when his flatmate comes home. Flatmate is a tomboy bass player, and also the source of his 2nd-hand guitar. After talking about the recent event in the music room, she unfastens the neck of the now-broken guitar and puts a new one on it from instrument. Meanwhile, MC grabs the headphones and puts them on, to show flatmate. She gives him the guitar, and he uncontrollably starts playing with much skill, awash with adrenaline and determination. Over the course of the next few hours, the two of them deduce that there's data recorded within the headset from the previous wearer that documented the neural pathways in use while it was being worn, and by activating the feedback circuits he was allowing this to control his brain and do something he would otherwise be unable to do. They decide to enter into the next university musical competition, alongside a drummer friend of the bassist, which happens in the next episode.
During the guitar solo of their performance, the guitarist from the first episode is shocked enough to take up his guitar and start playing simultaneously, and their play styles are identical for obvious reasons. MC ends up getting emotionally riled up for reasons he cannot understand, and collapses of exhaustion after the prolonged duel. From this they figure out that not only are skills recorded as data, but emotional data as well, which can be dangerous and is definitely foreshadowing. This event not only results in a confrontation between the two guitarists, but causes a causes a few other parties to take notice, notably the company that that girl works for.
Turns out that she works for her older brother who is the autistic scientist who designed the headphones also a self insert.

He lets the three impromptu band members into the beta programme for the headsets, as a way to both keep the secret of how the device works under wraps and to gather more working data. He confiscates the memory card of MC's headset for obvious reasons.

There's also people hitting each other with guitars because that's cool as fuck.
Also the scientist's daughter is actually the robot he built, because his actual sister is in a coma in some high-tech hospital in the USA for treatment. Seeing that he was getting depressed without his sister to support him emotionally, the robot decided to use the machinery and produce a silicone skin to imitate the sister, which is a tragic plot-point that the guitarist with multiple belts stumbles into. Turns out the invention is designed to help coma patients, but the scientist is too much of a mental wreck to put 2 and 2 together.
Then there's an episode where one of the aforementioned parties decides to get a professional to assassinate the MC, but as they unknowingly bump into each other in a sushi bar, they swap guitar cases, and as the assassin reaches the top of the building to find that he has an electric guitar, MC is sitting behind the curtains getting ready for the performance (he has to learn guitar) and finds that he has a .50 rifle instead of a guitar. The story in general is less than serious.
Brainwashing plotline.
Robot sacrifices herself a few episodes before the end, causing everyone going to the USA as part of an international band competition, and the story concludes with waking the real sister up.

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Submitted by RoadSong at 2019-02-20 22:23:48 EST (#)
Rating: 2

geee tarr

Submitted by Tormentos at 2019-02-20 08:10:22 EST (#)

If whomever is running the Perkman alter had an alter for Perkman, that meta-alter would write like this.

Submitted by asmasta808 at 2019-02-19 11:54:00 EST (#)
Rating: 2

call me, bollywood.

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