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Reflection Creation

Submitted by Mamun at 2016-09-23 02:00:29 EDT
Rating: -2.0 on 4 ratings (5 reviews) (Review this item) (V)

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Submitted by RoadSong at 2016-09-24 01:32:44 EDT (#)

A pitch calls for high resolution

Submitted by Shlongy at 2016-09-23 13:35:01 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

Still better than an oathmeal post.

Submitted by blackbear at 2016-09-23 11:10:11 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

what tormentos said.

Submitted by Tormentos at 2016-09-23 07:16:31 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

I think you probably meant to email this to your TA at Full Sail U so he could review your work for your your Photoshop 1 class, but you screwed that up even more terribly than you did this exercise. I'll tell you what he would tell you: If this is your idea of how perspective works then you may want to have an MRI done on your visual cortex because it's not working right. Have someone with a functioning brain let you know what your % score for this project is, based on the rating average for this post. The formula is SCORE = (25 * AVG RATING) + 50. And remember: 60% is the minimum passing score at Full Sail, but if you want to ever work for anything beyond 'exposure' you'd better get a minimum 98% on everything.

Submitted by Perk "Grownman Perkiness" man at 2016-09-23 03:23:06 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

You can't be serious? Go back to your family, "Death of a Salesman"... you'll get shot, around here.

I've figured out the boy's punishment. First, he's grounded. No
leaving the house, not even for school. Second, no eggnog. In fact,
no nog, period. And third, absolutely no stealing for three months.

-- Homer Simpson
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